Lessons from the Pros

Mar 14, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Predicting Price Turns and Moves, Can You Do It?

I have been involved in financial markets for more than 20 years now. I’ve heard so many times that market timing is impossible. Wall Street financial firms telling the mass investing public to not worry about it and just put as much money into the market as soon as you can and leave it alone… Read More »


Stock and Bond Correlation Explained

One asset category that is not very well understood is what we refer to as the credit markets. In the futures market, these encompass all debt instruments such as U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds, and are not limited to derivatives of debt issued by the U.S. treasury. The German debt market can also be… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Diversification Within Your 401(k)

Many participate in employer-sponsored, defined-contribution pension plans. It is important to make the most of any money invested in those plans. Defined-contribution plans, like 401(k)s, 403(b)s and similar plans, have largely replaced the defined-benefit plans that were common between World War I and the 1970’s. With those plans, the company promised a certain (defined) benefit… Read More »

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