Lessons from the Pros

Feb 7, 2017 Issue

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Consistency Wins the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots win again only this time in historic fashion. By now, you probably know how good the team is and all the records they now hold. How does a team with very few super stars win so often for so many years? The players change, the opposing teams get stronger, the few… Read More »


Is There Still a Carry Trade in FX?

Over the last few weeks of teaching on location classes, delivering XLT sessions and the initial Market Timing Orientation programs, I have noticed much confusion in the air regarding the state of the current financial markets; and with so much political and economical news in the air, it’s far from surprising to hear the questions… Read More »


Options and Time Value Part 1

Every option position is affected by the passage of time. But each one is affected differently at different points in time. Understanding how this works is vital to our success in trading options.
Every option whose strike price is close enough to the underlying stock’s price has time value. By “close enough,” I mean that… Read More »


Top Seven Deductions for Active Traders

Tax time has arrived and now more than ever we want to reduce our tax liability so we can have more free disposable income and build our wealth. Here are the top seven tax deductions for active traders: 1. Home Office – Many people whose small businesses qualify them for a home office deduction are afraid to… Read More »