Lessons from the Pros

Dec 5, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

How Long Do Levels Last?

When using supply and demand to identify turning points in a market, a question that comes up often is, “How far back should I look for a supply and demand level”? The proper answer is this: Look back as far as you need to in order to find fresh demand and supply. The key word… Read More »


When Is the Crash Coming?

Investors and traders have been watching in amazement as the equity markets have been steadily rising and reaching all-time price highs nearly every week. The big question on most people’s minds is, “When will it stop?” Or more importantly, “Is there a crash coming?” Professional traders use price action… Read More »

Real Estate

What Are Those Letters After My Real Estate Professional’s Name?

One of the keys to successful real estate investing is building a powerful team around you. Real estate investing isn’t something you can go at alone. In this article we’ll explore: 1) The many reasons you should have an agent/broker on your team, in spite of the fact that in our real estate classes we… Read More »

Education Resource

Are Reverse Mortgages Too Good to be True?

Many of us have seen commercials for reverse mortgages on TV, or heard some “buzz” about them from friends or relatives. We’ve heard mentioned the potential benefits, which include sizable, one-time or even monthly income potential, no monthly mortgage payment and getting to stay in your current home and maintain full title. And we’ve probably even… Read More »

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