Lessons from the Pros

Dec 26, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Where Will Price Turn, Where Will It Go To?

24/7 market analysis… financial news TV shows, Youtube channels, Podcasts and so on focus on analyzing economic reports, corporate earnings and so much more. Most of the time, you have a panel of financial experts arguing whether a number is good or bad for markets. In this day and age, this type of analysis and… Read More »


Yes Virginia, There Really is a Santa Clause Rally

There is something that can increase your chances for success in the markets that novice traders and investors tend to ignore. This is the seasonality of the markets they trade. Professionals are aware of the seasonality of securities and use that knowledge to select the right securities and even to time their entries and exits… Read More »

Specialty Skills

A Moral Compass Will Keep Your Trading on Track

What a year! There have been so many major social, political, environmental, business, economic and financial “upheavals” that you may be feeling a bit anxious. What is also worthy of attention is that the prospect of more of these highly significant and disruptive forces coming in the New Year may be no less distressful. Because… Read More »

Education Resource

The Search and Application Process for College Scholarships and Grants

The thought of college scholarships brings about many different emotions for a college student and their family. These emotions run the gamut from absolute relief and excitement at the prospect of having some, if not all of their college tuition for the coming year paid at no cost to them; to ughhh, I have to… Read More »

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