Lessons from the Pros

Nov 28, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

I Always Watch the US Dollar, Do You?

Most people who view my income and wealth trading workspace in one of the many live trading sessions I deliver eventually ask me the same question… “Why is the US Dollar chart always on your screen no matter what market you’re looking at?” There is a reason, and it is the focus of this piece…. Read More »


A Practical Use of Technical Indicators

As an instructor with Online Trading Academy, I distinctly remember how I felt when I was learning all about support, resistance, trends and all the other aspects of traditional technical analysis. Now I am on the other side of the room, I use my own experiences to teach my students in a practical manner. This… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Be Thankful: It’s Powerful and it can help Your Trading

Have you ever felt down and out; like life itself was falling from you and it seemed like a major effort just to take care of the everyday mundane things? Of course you have it’s called being human. No one that I have ever encountered in person or in the media has been perfect. No… Read More »


Tax Consequences for Investing in Precious Metals

Holdings in precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum are considered to be capital assets, and therefore capital gains may apply. The IRS classifies precious metals as collectibles, and therefore they may potentially be taxed at the maximum collectable capital gains rate of 28 percent. This does not necessarily mean that someone will have…
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