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Nov 21, 2017 Issue


Price Gaps – The Professional Gap

Market price gaps are events that successful traders understand very well. This is because when you really understand gaps; why they occur and how to trade them, you realize how powerful and opportunistic these events really are. At the same time, those who don’t really understand gaps tend to lose money when trading them. Gaps… Read More »

Featured Article

Private: Why Do Stock Prices Fall When There Is Good News?

There are many reasons that Professionals make so much money in the financial markets and the average (novice) investor/trader doesn’t. All the reasons lead to a lack of a focus on price for the novice. Today, lets focus on one trap the novice falls for, especially during earnings season, that results in losses to their… Read More »

Featured Article

Private: Where are the Markets Going?

As we end 2010 and enter 2011, there are some potential major market turning points to be aware of. During this piece, we will review some of them to help you make the most informed and smartest decisions with your finances in the year ahead. Below is a weekly chart of the S&P. Notice price Read More »


Private: Mind over Matter

In order to be successful in futures trading one needs a sound low risk strategy; something most of you already know. Learning the core strategy here at Online Trading Academy, at least in the initial stages, requires plenty of hours in front of the screen. This isn’t because learning the core strategy, which is simply… Read More »

Proactive Investor

What’s In Your 401(k)?

My last article was called Your 401(k): So Many Mutual Funds, Which to Choose. There I described the selection of mutual funds from among the ones offered in your employer’s 401(k) or other pension plan. But mutual funds are sometimes not the only choices in a 401(k). Some plans offer other types of assets, which… Read More »

Education Resource

Private: All About Wills and Probate

The Last Will and Testament (“Will”) is a document that we’re all familiar with. It is the cornerstone of a good John Grisham novel, the source of gossip after a celebrity passes and central to the plot of many Hollywood productions. Its purpose is to set out the disposition of assets for someone who has… Read More »

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