Lessons from the Pros

Nov 14, 2017 Issue


Strength for Profits

In the courses at Online Trading Academy, we teach our students where the proper areas to buy and sell lie on the charts. You may know those areas as supply and demand levels If you are a student or a regular follower of our articles. However, there seems to be some confusion among traders as… Read More »


Using Options to Lock in Stock Market Profits – Part 2

In our last option article, I talked about one way of protecting at least a large part of the value in a stock portfolio. With stocks at all-time highs and a market that stands over 240% above where it was at the low in 2009, many people are in a position to need some sort… Read More »

Education Resource

How Not to Nickel And Dime Yourself Into Debt

The phrase nickel and dime yourself into debt sounds kind of odd, but it addresses a real problem for many. Namely, how small purchases that may only cost a few dollars, can add up quickly and contribute to your overall debt. Those who are more prone to impulse spending tend to have a greater problem… Read More »