Lessons from the Pros

Oct 31, 2017 Issue


Buy and Sell with the Smart Money

I live in Chicago but travel the world and the closer I am to Asia and Europe, the more it seems people love trading the Forex market. Something I’ve noticed is that traders in those parts of the world tend to try and make so many different strategies work in the Forex market. In spite of… Read More »


Sell in May, Buy in November

Throughout the futures markets there are seasonal patterns that buck the random movement that seems to happen on a month-by-month basis. These patterns are based on data that has been studied for very long periods of time as well as some fundamental factors that take hold during certain months of the year. The agricultural markets… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Support Your Trading With a Powerful Trading Community

We just completed our annual Online Trading Academy International Conference in Irvine. It, as always, is an opportunity to renew relationships with co-workers and friends from around the world. We exchange ideas and experiences that are designed to identify things that are working, things that aren’t and creative ways to ensure that we are providing… Read More »

Education Resource

A Guide to Understanding the Federal Reserve

To investors and savers alike, few Institutions are as important, and as misunderstood, as the U.S. Federal Reserve – aka “The Fed”. Did you know… The Fed is not a branch of the government, but rather a corporation with shareholders. Stock in The Fed pays its shareholders a rather attractive dividend of 6%. Shareholders (owners) in… Read More »

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