Lessons from the Pros

Oct 3, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Three Keys to Successful Investing

I have had the pleasure of working with new investors as I have traveled the world for many years. Soon, I will be traveling to India where markets and investing are very popular. Just like every other time I have talked to new and existing investors, I make sure and tell them that before they… Read More »


The Long and Short of Shorting

Investors are taught to buy and hold stocks and other investments. We are conditioned to make profits in the markets as they move upwards in price. However, when someone buys a stock don’t they need someone to sell it to them? Who is doing all of this selling and what is in it for them… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Taking the Right Steps to your Trading Success

Anything that is important and as mentally and emotionally challenging as trading, usually has a number of ways or phases that will all but ensure success if followed meticulously and exactly. This is not to say that that there is only one way; but certainly, if you have a tried and true set of steps… Read More »