Lessons from the Pros

Jan 24, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Five Ways President Trump Might Impact Your Wallet

As Donald Trump settles into office, what impact will the 45th president have on your wallet, financial plan and standard of living? Trump’s supporters think he will be America’s economic savior. His detractors think his plans spell fiscal disaster. The truth most likely lies somewhere in the middle. So, for now, the best advice is Read More »


Are Emotions Inviting You to Buy or Sell Stocks?

Investing psychology is a subject most books and so called professionals keep separate from the mechanics and strategies of proper investing. A reality largely misunderstood is that the underlying mechanics and strategies within proper investing are a direct function of your psychological belief system. At any given time in the stock market, there are buy… Read More »


2017 Volatility and Opportunity

This is the time of year where market experts are publishing their views and forecasts for the upcoming year. Never have we faced as much uncertainty as we are now with the new administration starting in the United States. Online Trading Academy is trying to prepare their students for what may come by holding special… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Don’t Just Make a Trade Resolution, Make a Change

Well, it’s January and the New Year is still fresh. In fact, some people are moving along with all deliberate speed on New Year’s resolutions. However, unfortunately many more are experiencing a severe slowdown in momentum towards actualizing those resolutions…already! Did you make a promise to yourself about losing 20 lbs. or beginning an exercise… Read More »