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Jan 10, 2017 Issue

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How to Win By Keeping Losses Small

One thing that is certain in anyone’s trading career is losses. Even the best traders lose from time to time. What the best traders have in common however, is that they are very professional losers. Knowing how to lose properly is a must in a long and prosperous trading career. This theme is also the… Read More »


Wall Street Knows Your Playbook

One axiom that has stuck with me through the years is the one used when traders are on a losing streak and they refer to engaging the market as “picking daisies in a minefield”. This saying refers to the notion that when the market looks very good: in an uptrend, great news being released and… Read More »


Option Trading – Watch Those Dividends

Most people are aware that when a company pays a dividend, the price of its stock is expected to drop by roughly the amount of the dividend. This has special implications for option trading. The reason that a stock drops after a dividend is pretty clear. To see why, imagine that it was not expected…
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