Lessons from the Pros

Apr 18, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Orders Or No Orders, Nothing Else Matters?

Over the years, I’ve been puzzled by conventional and mainstream trading education. Always, the focus is on the chart and volume. There are books written solely about candlesticks and others that deal only with volume because conventional wisdom says those two contain the most important pieces of the trading decision making process. If we step… Read More »


Well Above Average

For years, brokers and mutual fund managers have been telling investors to dollar cost average. This is a strategy where the investor consistently adds equal amounts of money to their investment on a regular basis. Due to market fluctuations, the investor should be able to buy more shares when the price is down and less… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Focus on the Trading Process not the Money

It may seem a contradiction to say that you don’t want to pay attention to the profit of a trade. In fact, many of you might be saying that this guy must be smoking rope to say that profit is unimportant. Well, to clarify, that is not what is being said. Of course, profit is… Read More »