Lessons from the Pros

Sep 20, 2016 Issue

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Green on The Screen

Today I want to follow up on last week’s article and expand on the point of making sure you know what you’re getting into before you start trading and managing your investment capital. Today, let’s focus on the most important first step, making sure you’re “green on the screen”. What I mean is, before you even… Read More »


How to Trade All-Time Market Highs

If you have been following the NASDAQ index, you know that prices have been making all-time market highs lately, even though the other indexes have been stuck in a range. There are a lot of stocks that are also at an all-time market high. As traders, we know that we should participate in the dominant… Read More »


The Brave New World of Mid-Week Options

Exchange-traded (or “listed”) put and call options today can be used by investors and traders to speculate, to hedge, to spread risk or to generate passive income. Recently, even more options possibilities have become available with the introduction of options that expire on more different dates than ever. This is desirable for traders who want… Read More »


Tax Planning: Where Rubber Meets the Road

Many taxpayers believe a good tax preparer will save them money. While I would agree with this, there is only so much a tax preparer can do to minimize taxes when preparing your return. Where the rubber meets the road – where you really save taxes – is tax planning. When is the best time to do… Read More »

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