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Aug 23, 2016 Issue

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Novice Trading Gaps – Can You Spot Them?

Novice trading gaps are the ultimate picture of inexperience and faulty thinking in the market. Why are trading gaps such an important part of our education? Simple, because Novice trading gaps are the most obvious way to spot a novice market speculator. I know that doesn’t sound nice so let me say it another way… Read More »


Dispelling Trading Myths Around Forex

After almost thirteen years of activity in the global financial markets, I still to this day believe that currency trading is by far one of the very best entry points into the world of trading for almost anyone who is interested. It is so versatile that it also lends itself to the more experienced investors and… Read More »


Options – Watch the Spread

Put and call options provide several ways to hedge, speculate or generate passive income. We have written about many of those in the past. No matter what options strategy you use though, there is one factor that must always be taken into consideration. That is the bid-ask spread on the option prices. Think of… Read More »


Are You Overpaying Data Fees?

Nearly every day I get the opportunity to meet students and recommend custom-tailored tax strategies as part of the Tax Consultation we provide at OTA Tax Pros. We commonly discuss topics ranging from whether to incorporate, how to short in retirement accounts, trader tax deductions, and even how to navigate common expenses such as… Read More »

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