Lessons from the Pros

Aug 2, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Learn How to Lose and You Will Win

My whole life, I have been very involved in sports. Ice Hockey, Soccer, Golf and Tennis are the sports I love to compete in. Playing hockey at such a high level, I learned how to win, consistently. There were always teams in the league that would win consistently and others that would lose. When we… Read More »


Trading Challenges for Strong-willed Smart People Who Trade

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter comes to you from sunny and warm Sacramento, California. A student of mine, let’s call her Jennifer, had a series of questions that I have heard many times before. However, this time the tone of her voice was a bit different than other students who have asked similar questions… Read More »

Proactive Investor

The Vanishing Retirement Plan

Today in the United States, the majority of people who have pension plans have what is called a defined-contribution plan, like a 401(k). In such a plan, what is defined is how much goes into the plan, not how much comes out of it. With a plan like this, you (and possibly your employer as… Read More »


Nonresident Aliens, US Taxes and Traders in Dubai

The United States (US) is notorious for its complex tax laws and strict reporting requirements. International brokers diligently ensure their investors and traders are compliant, even if they are not US citizens. This leaves many foreign traders asking, “Do I need to file and pay US taxes?” Tax Requirements for Nonresident… Read More »

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