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Aug 16, 2016 Issue

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Profit Zone

For any market speculator, the most important function of your routine is proper analysis of supply and demand. This leads to the two important pieces of a trade/investment: Market Turning Points – For low risk / high reward entries and exits, Large Profit Zones – Profit potential. As I have written about before, one of the most important pieces… Read More »


Where are you getting your Trading Advice?

In the realm of trading and investing there’s certainly no shortage of venues that offer advice. This trading advice comes in many forms, some very specific in terms of what and when to buy, while other guidance is more broad-based in its approach. Because many in the general public feel they lack the knowledge, and… Read More »

Real Estate

Avoid 5 Common Pitfalls With These Tips for Landlords

There is nothing better than making mistakes to learn lessons, but I’d like to help you avoid some mistakes by sharing with you some of the most common pitfalls that landlords fall into. Hopefully these tips for landlords will help save you money and headaches. 6 Pitfalls and Tips for Landlords to Help You Avoid…
Read More »

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