Lessons from the Pros

May 31, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Interest Rates and the Bond Market

I read an article recently on how little the average investor knows about bonds. It was shocking to see the stats on how little people understand the impact of interest rates and compound interest. After thinking about it, it made sense as people are never really taught these basic concepts in school as they relate… Read More »


All Trading Styles are the Same

As you may have heard by now, different traders will look at different time frames depending on how long they want to hold on to their trades; this is their trading style. A day trader may want to be in a trade for a few minutes to a few hours, a swing trader may want… Read More »


How Many Options Are There?

Put and call options provide ways to speculate on the price of a stock or exchange-traded fund at low cost. Alternatively, they can be used as insurance to protect a stock or ETF position in case of a down market. An interesting fact about options is that the number of them that are in existence… Read More »