Lessons from the Pros

May 24, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Can You See the Timeframe for the Forest?

If you are a one timeframe trader, you are standing in front of a tree having no idea what Forest you are in. There are so many things you won’t understand about that tree, where you are at, and what to expect. In trading, one time frame traders simply can’t compete with those who view… Read More »


Profit Margins are Key to Trading Success

If you were contemplating starting your own business, would it be wise to do so if you had little idea about what type of profit margins you would have in the business? Moreover, would you embark on this endeavor without a sound business plan? You all know the answer to these questions, and yet, why… Read More »

Real Estate

House Flipping for profit

House flipping, it’s all the rage. Much of the general public thinks house flipping is new. For the last decade, at least a dozen TV shows have been created around this theme. But flipping has been going on for a long time, by mom and pops as well as by institutional real estate investors (like… Read More »

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