Lessons from the Pros

Apr 5, 2016 Issue

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The Best Kept Secret

Having been in the trading and investing business for more than 20 years now, I have seen arbitrage opportunities come and go, a real strong edge or two fade away, rules or regulations close a loop hole to some free money and so on. Like anything in life, strong and easy opportunities to profit financially… Read More »


Are You Earning on Earnings Releases?

April 11th is the earnings release date for Alcoa, Inc. This is considered to be the official start of the earnings season. Regardless of the earnings impact on the markets, one of the core concepts we teach at Online Trading Academy is the preservation of capital and the proper assessment of risk for any trade… Read More »


The Real Impact Of A Weaker Dollar

Firstly, many thanks for all of your emails and well wishes after the announcement of my move to the USA. Your kind words and messages were appreciated. As a result of this, it got me thinking about the impacts of movement in all areas of life, be it to a new country, a new job… Read More »


Options – Riding Black Swans

The expression “Black Swan” existed as a description of something that couldn’t possibly exist, at least as far back as ancient Roman times. It was used in that way until black swans were actually found in Australia in 1697. Since then it has described things that were only thought to be impossible, until they occurred… Read More »