Lessons from the Pros

Apr 19, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

The Opening Gap

Over my more than 20 years of experience trading the financial markets, I have learned many things. One big one has to do with trading around the market open. Some say this is high risk and others say it’s the best opportunity of a trading day. I would suggest they are both right. Someone always… Read More »


Are Your Forex Trading Challenges Unique?

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter is coming to you from Sacramento, California. While this is my first time to this center and meeting these students, the questions and experiences of this group of sixteen is basically similar to every other forex trading class that I have ever taught. This class has the typical diversity of Read More »

Specialty Skills

Using Appreciative Inquiry Will Help Your Trades

Your trading has a lot of nuances; those small or seemingly insignificant behaviors that in the final analysis make big differences. Consider the documentation process. Firstly, let’s acknowledge that it is critical to measure and keep a scorecard for your trades. If you are not measuring and memorializing your trades you’ve got some bigger issues… Read More »