Lessons from the Pros

Mar 29, 2016 Issue

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Seize Trading Opportunities By Learning How To Read Stock Charts

I remember when I was a kid, people still used paper maps. Remember the folded paper map in everyone’s glove compartment? Having to look at it at every stop light? Yes, for those of you under 30 years old, there was such a thing as paper maps and yes, it’s much easier today. As a… Read More »


The Truth About the Big Boys

One of the core pieces of Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy is to help traders succeed by trading in the same manner and direction as the large trading institutions. Many people have questioned the ability of being able to know where these buying or selling points lie; that is until they learn the strategy and… Read More »


Are You Trading with Candle Power?

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter will give you a bit of insight into the power of candlestick charts, especially when applied to your largest timeframes. Let’s get started on how to read candlestick charts and when to use them! First of all, candlestick charts show us four pieces of information, they are…
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Options – Back to Basics

In this column we cover many aspects of options trading, from very basic options strategies to some pretty advanced topics. Many people are drawn to options precisely because there is so much to know about them. It’s an intellectual challenge and a source of fascination. If you are interested in solving puzzles, they can provide… Read More »


Would You Take Delivery of 5K Bushels of Corn?

Unless you were a commercial entity and could actually use the physical corn to feed livestock or perhaps refine the corn to produce ethanol, you most likely would not take delivery. But even the Commercials who would ordinarily take delivery of these Commodities rarely do. Instead they will use the cash proceeds from the Hedge… Read More »

Real Estate

It is Spring! Real Estate Selling Season has Started

We know that in retail real estate, spring is the key time for selling. What are the things that need to happen to take advantage of this prime selling season for your home, investment property or fix and flip? Here are four key things that happen and need to be managed when listing a property… Read More »

Specialty Skills

The Power of Curiosity in your Trading

I’ve often discussed the power of emotions and how they impact directly and immeasurably upon what you do. In fact, emotions drive your behavior. Consider just about every rule violation you’ve ever come upon; whether moving a stop, chasing a trade or whatever misguided deed that puts you and your account at greater risk of … Read More »