Lessons from the Pros

Mar 15, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

The Real Meaning…

So often as I speak with traders and investors, both new and experienced, I realize they are talking about something they think they completely understand, when in reality their perception of reality is way off. I thought a two part article on “reality” vs. “perception” in markets would hopefully benefit you. Here is part 1… Read More »


Strong Versus Weak Opportunities

Online Trading Academy teaches our students where the proper areas to buy and sell lie on the charts. Those areas, as you may know, are supply and demand levels. However, there seems to be some confusion among traders as to how to identify the best levels for entering or exiting trades. Remember, we want to… Read More »


Is That Level Still Good Enough?

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter will cover a topic that often confuses new traders. That topic is, the uncertainty of whether or not a supply or demand level still good enough to trade. Before we get started looking at some charts, I do have to mention that NOTHING WORKS EVERY TIME. On any chart you… Read More »


Using Options to Trade High-priced Stocks

If you like the idea of doing short-term trading in stocks, options can give you a great way to do it. Actually, several great ways. Many good trading opportunities come up in high-priced stocks, those over $500 per share. This is a fairly select group and includes heavy hitters like Chipotle ($508.00 per share), Amazon… Read More »


Futures Brokers are Getting Rich!

This is what you hear a lot of times from losing traders.  They are always complaining the broker is getting rich while they are losing money.  Most of the time the losing trader turns out to be a gambler and is looking for somebody to blame other than themselves. I have held a Series 3 Read More »

Real Estate

Getting a Loan on a Multi-Family Property – 2016 Outlook

First, let’s take a quick look at where the Multi-Family market is expected to head in 2016. According to Steve Guggenmos, Freddie Mac Multi-family Vice President of research and modeling: Multi-family “…started 2016 with good momentum on the heels of a strong year. This year more multifamily supply will enter the market at a pace… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Meditation Can Be Medication for the Soul and the Trade

Mike started out in a heck of a mess. He had become frustrated, frazzled and fragmented due to his inability to remain focused on the charts and in his emotions. Mike noted his confusion and lack of focus. He had been trading for a few hours since the open without a break. When he looked… Read More »