Lessons from the Instructors

Mar 1, 2016 Issue


Riding the Waves

Many people compare a lot of current price action in the markets with that of the great market crash and depression in the 1920’s. There may be some good reasons for that as price patterns do seem to repeat often. Another thing that can be useful from that era of trading is one of the… Read More »


Addressing a Common Trading Problem

Hello traders! As long-time readers know, I’ve been teaching with Online Trading Academy for ten years now and have been actively trading the forex market since 2002. Having taught several thousand individual traders around the country, and writing this newsletter for a few years, I’ve received dozens (hundreds?) of emails from new traders with many… Read More »


A Second Way to Buy Gold at a Discount

In last week’s article I laid out a way to use options to buy the exchange-traded fund representing gold at a discount. I said last week that there was a second way to approach the same goal, and we’ll look at that here. To be clear, these methods could be used to buy any stock or… Read More »


Rejected Futures Order

When trading Futures contracts it is a good idea to know which types of orders the Exchange that you are trading on will accept. In the United States we have two Futures Exchanges that we can trade on. You would think that both Exchanges would accept the same types of orders. That is not the… Read More »

Real Estate

Health of Commercial Real Estate Broken Down By Sectors

  Commercial Real Estate is more diverse than residential real estate.  It is broken into sectors and hence each sector can experience different market timing. Here is an overview of the different sectors and how they are performing. Office Market: According to JLL, “Despite global economic uncertainty, the United States economy continued to expand in 2015 through Read More »

Specialty Skills

Improve Trading Results By Being Comfortable With Discomfort

The other day while looking at a sports show on TV I watched an interview with Holly Holm. If you are a sports fan, and those of you who aren’t please forgive the reference, you may remember that Ronda Rousey, former women’s undefeated bantam weight mixed martial arts champion who had obliterated all of her Read More »