Lessons from the Pros

Dec 27, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

An Important Trading Plan Ingredient

All market speculators share the same goal, which is to enjoy consistent low risk profits. To accomplish this goal, you must be able to identify market turning points and market moves as this is the only way to attain low risk and high reward entries into market (trading) positions. Whether you are a short term… Read More »


Currency Market: A Look Back & Look Forward

First, let me wish you all a very Merry Christmas! What a year this has been with Presidential Elections, Brexit and the almighty bounce back of the US Dollar. With this much activity in the second half of 2016, we can only imagine what’s to come in 2017. For this week’s article, I thought it… Read More »


The Holiday Magic That Could Save You Taxes

With only a few days left in the year and the holiday spirit everywhere, we start thinking about the year that was and the year that will be. We think about all the good trades we made and all the bad trades we made. We vow to be better traders and we look at ways… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Principle Centered Trading: Can it Help You?

This is a very special time of year. There are a number of religious and secular holidays in this month spanning the Globe. In fact, there are literally hundreds of celebrations, but of course, some of the most popular, in the US at least, are Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah and the Winter Solstice; all culminating at… Read More »

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