Lessons from the Pros

Dec 13, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Price Chart: Training Your Eyes

A puzzling observation for me over the years when reading what trading books have to offer, books on candlesticks, trading education on the internet and trading education anywhere for that matter is the main focus of what to look for on a price chart. Always, the focus is on the chart and volume. There are… Read More »


Trouble with the Trend

Online Trading Academy’s Patented Core Strategy focuses on two major chart components: identifying the trend of the security we are trading and finding the supply or demand zones where we will trade. The trend tells us when we should be a buyer or a seller of the stock while the supply and demand zones tell… Read More »


What Are My Options – Part 2

In a recent article, I described some basic features of put and call options. I noted that these can be used to protect stock that you have; or to make money from movement in a stock that you don’t have (up or down), or even to make money from a lack of movement of a… Read More »