Lessons from the Instructors

Nov 22, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Reality Based Trading and Investing

If it flies like an airplane, looks like an airplane, sounds like an airplane, it’s probably not a pigeon. No matter what the experts on airplanes and pigeons say. Even if someone wins a Nobel Prize because they have determined that a pigeon is actually a dinosaur based on a sophisticated mathematical equation, it’s still… Read More »


Keep Your Price Charts Clean

You may have heard from various sources that very few people are truly successful in trading. While this may be true, do you know one of the main reasons why traders fail to make profits? It is often because they over-complicate their trading. There is a false belief that because so few people are able… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Investing in Preferred Stocks

In our ProActive Investor program, we educate investors to enable them to manage their investments to best meet their individual objectives. With some knowledge of how the investment world works, investors can guide their financial advisers – or possibly eliminate them. The fact is, no one cares… Read More »