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Nov 15, 2016 Issue

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Where Will The Market Turn

The question above is the most important question to the trader and investor in any market. You can be the top fundamental analyst in the world and know your data inside and out but it all comes down to where price will turn and where price will go. To answer this question requires a simple… Read More »


Living in a Post-Election Forex World

So, the election is over, the dust has settled and we have a new President Elect. The United States of America, and the rest of the world, is sitting on the edge of their collective seats waiting to see what the next four years is going to look like, but the financial markets tick along… Read More »


What Are My Options?

Option trading can be a great way to make money, offering strategies for traders from beginner level to the most advanced. Before we can begin to make it work, though, there a few basic things that we need to understand. What You Need to Understand About Options Trading: A listed stock option must be one…
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Tax Laws that Could Save You Big Money

About three years ago I received an urgent call to my office. On the other line was Rachel, she sounded like she just discovered a gold mine, or maybe a ticking bomb depending on your perspective. Rachel had just completed watching our online Core Tax Strategies class that we teach a couple of times a… Read More »