Lessons from the Pros

Oct 25, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Do You Fall for This Wall Street Trap?

When we listen to many financial advisors and Wall Street firms, they all repeat the same old stories decade after decade. Common mantras like: “Buy and hold, the market always comes back,” “You haven’t lost until you sell,” or “Invest as much money as you can in the stock market as soon as you can… Read More »


Multiple Time Frame Analysis Explained

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter is coming to you from sunny Dallas, Texas. In fact, this is my last newsletter from Dallas as I just sold my home and am moving out to Colorado. The reasons for this are too numerous to go into here, but after 20+ years in one place I think it’s… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Gold That Pays Dividends

I’ve written here before about the importance of diversifying your portfolio. It is vital to avoid having all of your net worth exposed to any one market, especially the stock market. Other possibilities include bonds, real estate, commodities, cash in the bank and precious metals. A good mix of these will make it more likely… Read More »