Lessons from the Pros

Oct 18, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

The 2016 Election and Your Money

What impact will the 2016 election have on your income, investments and financial future? This is the question everyone is asking. There is a lot of anxiety and fear present about the future of our nation—regardless of who is in office. People become paralyzed by fear—we saw this in 2008. They wait to… Read More »


Skill building should be Every Trader’s Goal

In my 25 years of involvement in the trading arena, as you might imagine, I’ve learned a thing or two. I, like every trader, have made mistakes and experienced deep emotional angst, as well as great euphoria throughout my years of trading. I have seen multitudes fall by the wayside in their attempt to become… Read More »


Options Early Assignment – Should You Worry?

We received a notice passed along by a trader that had come from his broker. The trader had a short call position. The notice said: Your account(s) hold long and/or short call options whose underlying stock is scheduled to trade ex-dividend within the next two trading days… It also serves to alert you to those… Read More »