Lessons from the Pros

Oct 11, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Trading Edge: Where is Your Focus?

Supply and demand is not a new concept… Adam Smith wrote of it extensively in many of his publications including his prized work entitled, The Wealth of Nations. There are, in fact, many theories regarding how and what affects supply and demand. With the entire goal of this quest being to gain a trading edge… Read More »


Pro Traders Notice Novice Traders

When we trade, we need to think and act like the institutional traders who are consistently profitable, not like the novice traders who routinely make bad decisions that lead to their losing money in the markets. Amateurs will usually chase price and tend to buy when they see new highs or panic sell after prices… Read More »

Real Estate

Neighborhood Factors that Increase or Decrease the Value of Property

We’ve all heard the old saying: Location, Location, Location….. Often what “Location” refers to are the positives of the neighborhood, for example: is it by water, are the streets tree lined, does it offer parks and green space, how are the schools? These are just a few of the criteria that affect property value. You… Read More »

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