Lessons from the Pros

Jan 5, 2016 Issue

Featured Article Failure is Part of Success

Becoming a Butterfly: Use Failure to Succeed

As a follow up to the “Cycle of It,” I thought going into a new year I would focus on a topic so many people seem to get wrong. I learned this lesson over time so my hope is that this piece will save you some of the time and pain I went through to … Read More »


Trend Reversal or Simple Correction?

To trade properly, we need to focus on two major chart components: the trend of the security and the supply or demand zones. The trend tells us when we should be a buyer or a seller. The supply or demand zones tell us where we should actually take action. Mastering how to read these components… Read More »


2016 New Year’s Trading Resolutions

Hello traders! Welcome to my first newsletter of the New Year! How are your resolutions holding up? After less than a week, hopefully they are still intact! As most of you know, New Year’s resolutions seem to have a habit of being “adjusted” or even thrown out the window completely by the second week of … Read More »


Options – Which One Is the Right One? Part 2

Last week I discussed the various options expiration dates that exist for options on stocks and ETFs. We’ll continue with that discussion today. We started with an option chain for the stock of General Electric Corp. (GE). Here’s how that chain looks today (December 29, 2015), with just the expiration dates exposed… Read More »


A Laissez-faire Approach to Trading

Laissez-faire is French for what loosely translates into a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering. This type of approach when it comes to trading (in my humble opinion) would benefit many traders. Simply because the biggest challenges traders face constantly are the emotions of fearing losses, making the wrong… Read More »

Real Estate

Condominiums and Some Interesting Options

I started my real estate investing career by buying a condo that I lived in for two years and then converted it to a rental unit. I’m not the only one to have started this way. I was lucky and had some great mentors. They made sure I asked the right questions so I could… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Strong Positive Habits are the Key to be a Successful Trader

If you are anything like me then the passage of time seems to be speeding up; as in just a few weeks ago it was December, 2011! And so we are in the early throes of 2016, can you believe it! But, of course, we are grateful that we are still here alive and … Read More »