Lessons from the Pros

Jan 26, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

The More Things Change, the More They Stay The Same

I remember my days on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. My job was to facilitate institutional order flow. Each day, I would take orders from banks, institutions, money managers and so on and facilitate the execution of those orders into the various markets. Having the real buy and sell orders from the… Read More »


Looking Forward Market Follow Up

A few weeks ago I made some bold market observations and predictions about the US Equity markets as well as some of the commodity markets. It is time to review those predictions and see where the markets may be headed in the next few weeks to months. There has been much speculation and talk about… Read More »


Forex Core Strategy Review: The Mind Game

Thanks for all of your positive comments and feedback from my article I wrote 2 weeks ago that reviewed our Core Strategy and why we teach our students to buy and sell like the biggest banks and institutions at key levels of Supply and Demand. In that piece, I explored… Read More »


Which Option is the Right One (Part 4)

In part one of this series I went over the types of options expiration dates. In the second and third parts, we continued with a discussion of the option chain and ‘time in the trade’. In this series, I have been using the stock of General Electric as an example. Here is its chart as… Read More »


Road Rules Applied to Trading

Recently I had the less than desirable task of sitting through eight hours of traffic school. I was a good sport about it and was able to get through it without falling asleep from boredom (the instructor made it bearable). As the class progressed, I began to draw parallels between being a safe driver and a profitable Read More »

Real Estate

Crowdfunding for Real Estate is Coming to the Little Guy

What is crowdfunding? It’s raising both debt and equity for commercial real estate investments from a group or a “crowd”. Crowdfunding is a funding model that uses technology to connect opportunities with investors. To date, this has been limited to what is called accredited investors. That is about to change and the little guy is… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Principle Centered Trading

What is the difference between values vs. principles? Have you ever noticed that some people often espouse certain “values” that they hold dear? In fact, they will set themselves apart from others by intimating that they are somehow better because they have different values. This seems especially true of politicians… Read More »