Lessons from the Pros

Feb 2, 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Are You Asking The Proper Questions?

As a trader and educator, I have come across thousands of traders during the past 20 years. I can honestly say that I have never met or seen one trader be able to sit down in front of a screen each morning without a trading plan, look at a few charts, start trading and make… Read More »


Follow the Market Leader

Those of you who trade the equity index ETF’s or even futures markets most likely know the frustration of having prices move within a penny of your supply or demand zone only to see them retreat without you being able to enter or exit your trade. So, what causes this failure of price touching the… Read More »


Pros and Cons of Asset Classes

Hello traders! Recently I received an email from an Online Trading Academy student from Arizona. The question was about which asset class to trade next. While you might think my answer would be automatic: forex of course! The real answer is a bit more complicated. This week I’d like to break down the basic differences… Read More »


Options – Picture This

When trading options, we have quite a few moving parts to juggle. Fortunately, technology now gives us tools that make this much easier. One of those tools is the option payoff graph, also called the risk graph. We’ll take a look at this tool today. We have been using the stock of General Electric for… Read More »


Core Market: Don’t Marry One

Often times I will be talking with a trader and hear a familiar story among new traders. “I’m making money one day then lose for 2 or 3 days.” I usually reply, “I bet you have married a market (only trade one market).” Usually I get a very surprised look and they reply, “Yes, but… Read More »

Real Estate

Lessons from “The Aladdin Factor” on the Art of Asking

Real Estate is a business that is all about making deals. There is really only one way to make deals, Ask! There is a great (little known) book called The Aladdin Factor, by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen – it is truly one of those books that changed my life. It taught me the art… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Train Your Mind Like You Train Your Body to Power Trade

One of the things that comes up often from books and market gurus is the notion that a trader must become a robot. Perhaps you’ve come across this adage as well. Unfortunately, it is not true nor is it possible. When you think of robots, what may come to mind is the iconic “Data” that… Read More »