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Sep 8, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Low Risk High Reward Breakouts

I have been in the trading business for nearly 20 years as a trader, fund manager, and educator, beginning on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. If I had to list the top three mistakes I see most traders make, one that would for sure be on the list is when people enter the… Read More »


Surfing the Market Fluctuations for Trading Profits

Surfing is very popular where I live in Southern California. It is a sport that I took up while living on the beach. Analyzing and trading in the markets is very similar to that sport. In fact, many technical analysts have compared the market fluctuations to the waves of the ocean. Just like a surfer… Read More »


The Win Vs the Loss in Forex Trading – Part 3

Many thanks for joining me for the third and final part of this series of articles dealing with the finer aspects of forex risk management. So far we have explored the impact of risk to reward ratios and we looked into the subtleties surrounding the duration of our trades and when to pull out of… Read More »


Options Trading in a 401(k) or Other Accounts with Restrictions

Many people have some or all of their investing and trading funds in a tax-advantaged account, like an Individual Retirement Account or 401(k) in the United States; or in Canada, a Registered Retirement Savings Plan of a Tax-Free Savings Account. How an investor should decide how to allocate funds between these accounts and fully taxable… Read More »


Do Futures Contract Expirations Have a Seasonal Tendency?

I’m often asked if a Futures contract expiration can cause a seasonal tradable pattern. The answer is yes, no and maybe. All Future’s contracts expire at some point, but not all contracts are deliverable. As well, only long positions in the market are ever delivered against. When trading in the Futures market, the trader is… Read More »

Real Estate

Housing Starts Are Up and SFRs Are Being Built

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Housing Starts in July of 2015 are up over ten percent from July 2014. Single family homes are expected to hit a total of 782,000 units this year. Before the housing crash (from the mid 1990’s) there wasn’t a year with fewer than a million… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Are You Trading With a Lion Heart or Chicken Guts?

Now that I have your attention, the point is not so much whether you are trading as a lion or a chicken; it has more to do with how you are describing your trading. The question posed in this title is of course a metaphor. Metaphors are replete in the speech patterns of virtually every… Read More »

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