Lessons from the Instructors

Sep 22, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

4 Steps to Profitable Trading – Part 1

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of Online Trading Academy is getting to work with new students as well as instructors in the Extended Learning Track (XLT) program, our live online trading rooms. I have the pleasure of welcoming new students to the world of trading and investing when I visit… Read More »


Zen for Trading Profits

Recently I was in the Raleigh center of Online Trading Academy and was teaching a Market Timing Class. I put on a few live trades in my own account to demonstrate for the students and then left the room for a break with the live positions on. The students were amazed at how calm I… Read More »


An Objective Approach to Forex and Bollinger Bands®

When I am working with new students at the various worldwide campuses across the Online Trading Academy network, one of the common queries I receive is with regards to how our patented rule-based core strategy works alongside traditional methods of technical analysis. For those individuals who have had some experience with studying charts before coming… Read More »


Options Expiration – They Don’t Last Forever

One of the things that differentiates option trading from stock trading is that options have a finite life. Every option has a fixed expiration date, after which it will cease to exist. That means that the owner of an option has only a limited time in which to be proven correct by the market. The… Read More »


The Right Mindset to Profitable Trading

Anyone that has traded for an extended period of time understands the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to trading profitably. In fact, without the right mindset it’s almost impossible to produce consistent results. Moreover, the biggest challenge I’ve seen for many traders is understanding what the correct mindset entails, and then… Read More »

Real Estate

Reaching Goals Is a Matter of Time Management

In our community, school just started and you can feel the excitement in the air.  I have always loved fall for several reasons: 1) it’s football season, 2) there is still opportunity to reach the goals that were set in January, 3) routine has returned after summer, and 4) the holidays will be here shortly. Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading Rules: It’s Also About Your Approach

For most of you reading this, the notion of rules and their importance to your trading may be a “no brainer” and I certainly hope that’s the case. But, some of you have some serious issues with following the trading rules that you have identified. In other words, even though you may be “talking the… Read More »