Lessons from the Pros

Aug 25, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Did the Market Crash Hurt You? Help Is On the Way

Are you an average investor that got hurt during this decline and, more importantly, do you have to feel financial pain when the market declines like the past few days? Not only can you apply some simple rules to protect yourself but you can also profit when the market declines, let me explain. How do… Read More »


Market Internals – The Pulse of the Markets

When you visit a doctor for an ailment, they check out some basic things such as your blood pressure and your temperature. These are core signals to tell if something is wrong with your body’s normal function. As a trader or investor, we can also check the temperature and “blood” pressure of the markets. The… Read More »


The Win Vs the Loss in Forex Trading – Part 2

Two weeks ago we looked at the varying aspects of how to handle risk like a professional in our Forex trading. This week I would like to continue the theme of risk management further by looking into some of the less talked about aspects of controlling our risk in market speculation. Of course, maintaining a… Read More »


Options Trading – Designed For the Analytical Mind

In any area of life, there are multiple approaches to solving problems. Every approach involves some mixture of intuition on the one hand and analysis on the other. Intuitive approaches lend themselves to certain kinds of problems (What does my spouse mean by that?). Analysis is more successful with other types of problems (Why won’t…
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Interest Rates, Futures and Seasonal Trading Patterns

Many traders are surprised to hear that financial Futures have a Seasonal pattern. They assume agricultural or energy products do, but not so much the financial products. All markets, regardless of financial or physical, have some form of recurring cyclical pattern (Seasonal pattern) to them. Currency markets usually exhibit a Seasonal pattern at their countries… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Control Your “Rep” and Stick To Your Trading Plan

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve just ended your trading session by closing your last trade. You then look over your 6 or 7 trades to determine how well you did; but what you see sends shivers down your spine. There in front of you is trade after trade where you have violated rule… Read More »