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Aug 18, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Governing Dynamics of Price Action

I have been involved with trading and investing for more than twenty years. Low-risk profits are a function of trading what is real, not what I feel. I’m able to eliminate subjective emotions from my trading by basing each and every decision on a simple mechanical set of objective rules that quantify supply and demand… Read More »


Chasing Price – Supply and Demand

Whenever I return from a road trip my neighbor’s German Shepherd always chases after my motorcycle. He is a great dog and very friendly and is allowed to roam the neighborhood freely. It struck me that he is a lot like a novice trader chasing prices in the markets. If I am driving slowly the… Read More »


Use Your Shopping Skills to Get a Better Forex Price

Hello traders! In this week’s newsletter I’d like to explain how you can use a skill you’ve developed over the course of your life to help get you a better forex price, thereby make you a better trader in the markets. Let’s say you are a huge fan of crab legs. You can’t get enough… Read More »


Wrapping Up the Options Butterfly

Options give us some great ways to fit our trading approach to the current market conditions. In a previous article we looked at a type of option spread called a directional butterfly. This trade is designed to make money if a stock moves in the direction we expect – no surprise there. What this spread does… Read More »


The Impact of Grain Reports on the Commodity Futures Market

In the commodities sector of the futures market the one that stands out for me are the grains. These particular markets are great because they tend to have big trending moves. In addition, for those commodity futures traders that want a diverse, non-correlated set of markets, grains fit the bill quite nicely. When we refer… Read More »

Real Estate

How New Regulations Impact the Real Estate Closing Process

We know that in the real estate and lending industry there have been a lot of big changes in the last few years because of Dodd-Frank Legislation. Big changes are scheduled for October 3rd related to new closing regulations and related documents. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has issued new rules requiring an easier… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Your Trading Strategies Determine Your Trading Results

Traders, along with most people who are seriously attempting to do their best in anything that requires lots of focus, mental alertness, information processing, analysis and commitment, also must have a strategy of how it’s going to be done. All of these mental initiatives are integral to the big picture, but arguably one of the… Read More »

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