Lessons from the Pros

Jul 28, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Trading The Open: Risk or Opportunity?

During my time on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange I noticed many things that helped shape my thought process and strategy that I still employ today. I started on a very busy trading desk right next to the trading pits and my job was to facilitate institutional order flow. One of the many… Read More »


Broad Market Analysis Using Renko

A few weeks ago I wrote several articles regarding the Renko charting method. This type of charting can be used to see the larger time frame’s trend on securities and also the broad markets. Renko charting can also be used on smaller time frames in order to enter and exit trades as well. The US… Read More »


Trading: What Are You Willing To Risk

So what is the hardest aspect of trading and investing? Some would say that the constant challenge of never really knowing if the market will rise of fall is tough. Others would suggest that guessing when the best time to take profits is their biggest hurdle. Let’s face it, we all see things in different… Read More »


Options – Spread ’em Out

Recently I’ve been writing about option spreads. These are trades that involve more than one option component. Our first example was a bull put spread. The main component, or anchor, of that position was a put option on the S&P 500 index that we sold in order to collect money from someone who felt the… Read More »


The Capitulation Bottom

One of the biggest ironies (among many) in the realm of financial speculation is that major bottoms in all markets are a direct consequence of the massive amount of sell orders that flood the exchange when most market participants finally reach their breaking point. This breaking point, or as it’s commonly referred to in the… Read More »

Specialty Skills

A Positive Trader Trance Will Power Up Your Trading Results

Have you ever emerged from a trading session in a fog and found yourself looking over the trading carnage of violated rule after violated rule and heard yourself say, “Who made those trades?” And, as the fog lifted it became clear that you had been trading like a crazy person? It was like someone had… Read More »