Lessons from the Pros

Jul 14, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Common Mistakes With Investments: Losses

Last week we talked about the “Common Mistakes with 401(k) Accounts.” We focused on hidden 401(k) fees, how much it could be costing you and how you can reduce some or all of your fees. This week we’ll focus on the impact of losses in your investments. When we listen to Wall Street and other… Read More »


Staying in Longer for Larger Trading Profits – Part 2

Last week we discussed the use of renko charts as a way to reduce market noise and maximize trading profits. This week, we will dig deeper into the use of renko in our trading. Let’s compare price action between a renko chart and a candlestick chart on similar settings. Looking at the renko chart, there… Read More »


Don’t Make the Novice Mistake

What a time it has been of late in the Global Economy. Is there a day that goes by when there has not been a mention in the worldwide press about the Greece fiasco and whether or not they will or won’t leave the Eurozone conundrum? The endless talks and debates along with the eventual… Read More »


Option Risks and Rewards, part 3

In the last two articles I discussed using put options as a risk management strategy in your options trading plan. First from the point of view of an investor who might buy puts to protect a stock investment; and then from the point of view of the person who sells those puts to the investor. I… Read More »


Anticipating The Change in Trend

In conventional technical analysis the mantra is, “The trend is your friend .” In other words, identifying the trend is first and foremost in the analysis. This is so that the trades that are taken are always in the direction of the prevailing trend. This type of “trend following” strategy is fine provided there’s a… Read More »

Real Estate

Buying a Second Home

At a party this past weekend, my husband and I were asked about the real estate market and our thoughts about long term vacation rentals. One couple weighed in that they were having a great experience with their long term vacation rental. I thought this would make a great article. According to the National Association… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Accountability in Your Stock Trading

There are thousands of traders across the planet who labor under the misguided belief that most, if not all, of their trading issues are caused by someone or something outside of themselves. Firstly, they have relied on outside variables like internet programs, news and friends for information; they have communicated (or not) with family to… Read More »