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Jun 9, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Have Markets, Trading and Investing Really Changed?

I remember my days on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. My job was to facilitate institutional order flow. Each day I would take orders from banks, institutions, money managers and so on and facilitate the execution of those orders into the various markets. Having the real buy and sell orders from the… Read More »


Fun With Forex Oscillators

Hello traders! Over the past few weeks/months/years of teaching and writing these newsletters, I (and most of the other instructors) insist that price action is all you need to place your trades – looking for high quality supply zones to sell and high quality demand zones to buy. Sound familiar? However, many new students to… Read More »


Options – More Links in the Chain

In the last two articles (find links here and here), we discussed the Option Chain. This is the list of put and call options that are available to trade on a given stock or exchange-traded fund. Today we’ll finish that discussion. Besides the elements we discussed before, the chain gives us information about what will… Read More »


Planning Leads to Consistency – Part 1

Many traders face a very common problem while learning to trade. They seem to be given a lot of information, but then the information is not put in a format that allows the trader to plan their trades consistently. I’m writing a two part article about some rules that might help you find structure in… Read More »

Real Estate

300th, 30th, Mission and Market Indicators

As I sit here in the early morning writing this article I am approaching two milestones, one personally and one professionally: Today is my 30th wedding anniversary and my 300th article for OTA. While different, both are an opportunity to reflect back and be grateful for the experiences. The one thing they do have in… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trade by Design; Not by Default

Trading is simple, but not easy. The difficulty, as trader upon trader has shared over the years, has to do with errant emotions like fear and greed that often stop the well-meaning trader in their tracks and drive rule violations. Consider the following scenario: The look on Max’s face told the story; and it did… Read More »

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