Lessons from the Pros

Jun 23, 2015 Issue


Back to the Basics with Trends in Trading

From time to time I discuss more advanced trading tactics and even technical indicators that I feel may enhance a newer trader’s ability to read price. However, you must realize that these techniques are designed to help you with identifying the price levels for trading. They are not to be your sole decision making process… Read More »


What is Rollover in the Forex Market?

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter finds me relaxed and refreshed as I just took a month off from teaching and took a small road trip through Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas to see some friends, relatives, and the beautiful scenery. One of the great perks of trading is the freedom of time to… Read More »


More on Picturing the Greeks in Options

In last week’s article, about visualizing the Greeks in options, we looked at the payoff graph for a potential option trade on XOP. I said that that graph had more to tell than we had space for there. Today we’ll look at that a little more. XOP is an oil-related exchange-traded fund. It largely tracks… Read More »


Trading is a Marathon not a Sprint

When the novice trader first enters the wild and woolly arena of trading futures, his initial impression is that because he’s a trader, he must be in the market twenty four hours a day five days a week. But after a few losing months, and plenty of frustration, he finally comes to realize the perils… Read More »

Real Estate

Real Estate Contracts … Contingencies, Binding or Not Binding

I received a question from a student the other day that I thought was a great topic to explore in an article. Question: I signed a contract to sell a property, the contract contained contingencies such as ten days to have an inspection and 30 days to obtain financing. When is the contract really binding?… Read More »