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Jun 16, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

3 Billion Reasons To Question Your Beliefs?

I have been involved with the markets for almost 20 years. I started on the institution side of the business but have spent much more time trading and building financial education content for the retail trader and investor world. While I truly feel I am speaking the truth when it comes to supply and demand… Read More »


Finding Gaps

Those of you who have been in my live classes or XLT sessions know that I like to trade the morning gaps. This is a period of high volatility and price movement that can offer great opportunities when traded properly. Of course, with the increased volatility comes greater risk and you should not trade this… Read More »


The Advantage of Multiple Targets

This week I would like to discuss a topic which comes into question a great deal during every Professional Forex Trader class I teach with Online Trading Academy, and that is on the subject of profit targets. I think that setting good solid profit targets and learning to take the right action at the targets… Read More »


Options – Visualizing the Greeks

In the last few articles I wrote about using the information in the option chain. Some of the most important information is contained in the “Greeks,” the variables that describe how options react to various events. As I wrote then, the most important events in an option’s life and the variables that measure the reaction… Read More »


Planning Leads to Consistency – Part 2

Last week we discussed a few rules about planning our trades to allow for a more mechanical, consistent approach to trading the markets. Being rule based allows a trader to follow a set of rules that have been back tested and written. This instills confidence in the trader to allow for immediate action when it… Read More »

Real Estate

Single Female Buyers Outnumber Single Men

Yes guys, this article is about women buying real estate, but there is some great insight for you too. Why this topic? Well, I am a woman for starters, but also because women purchasing real estate independently is a growing trend.  Why is the trend growing?  A quick demographic study shows that clearly, unmarried women Read More »

Specialty Skills

Attitude – A Gateway to Getting the Trading Results You Want

What is it that helps the market wizards maintain focus at these critical times in their trades? It is an unmitigated commitment to focus on their rules. These rules, along with other critical cogs in their trading machinery, are followed religiously. They are passionate first about doing what it takes to be… Read More »

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