Lessons from the Pros

May 5, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Simple Is Key

“From birth, we are conditioned to trade incorrectly. We naturally run from things we are fearful of, and are drawn to things that make us feel good. If you take this action in trading you are headed for trouble which, in the trading world, means losses. For example, if your invitation to buy into a…” Read More »


Correlations for Trading Success

“Students are often surprised when I refer to a commodity chart to answer a question on where the stock market is likely to move. What they may not realize is that all markets are related and that if you understand the correlations between the different asset classes, you will have an edge over traders and investors…” Read More »


Is The Trend Always Our Friend?

“Earlier this week I was teaching a lesson in the ongoing Extended Learning Track program for Online Trading Academy, which is a session that revises content learned in the classroom-based environment and then applies it to live markets. As it stands, the session I taught was one of my favorite topics to talk about, namely…” Read More »


Options Trading for Beginners part 2

“This is part 2 in our series on Options for Beginners. In part 1, which you can read here, we looked at an example of a simple option trade. We found a stock that we thought looked like a good prospect as a buy. Here is that stock’s chart as it appeared then: At that…: Read More »


The Impact of the Futures Trading Pits Closing

“The Chicago Mercantile Group (CME Group) announced recently it will be closing all open outcry trading pits except the S&P contract in July of 2015. Since the New York Mercantile Exchange (energy markets) and the Comex Exchange (metals markets) in New York are part of the CME Group, they will be closing their open outcry…” Read More »

Real Estate

Hands off Millionaire – Want to Learn How? Part 2 (Hands on)

“I received a question from a student just yesterday that fit our topic perfectly. “Diana, I’ve already submitted an offer and received the counter offer, but I don’t know if this property would be easy to rent and how much the regular rent is in the area. Additionally, I have concerns if this property would…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Nothing Happens In Your Trade That Didn’t Begin With a Thought

“Have you ever stopped to think about your thinking? You may have done it without really noticing; and even if you did notice by asking yourself, “What was I thinking?” right after that bone-headed trade you made; you may not have considered the “meta-implications” of doing so. In other words, thinking about thinking is something…” Read More »