Lessons from the Pros

May 26, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Thinking Like an XLT Trader

“The XLT is our live online trading program. After learning our core supply and demand strategy in the classroom or online, students then spend time in the XLT, in the live markets with our instructors, watching them setup trades and execute orders. One of the keys to the XLT and successful trading is to keep…” Read More »


Using Sectors to Time Market Entries and Exits

“Choosing which stock to trade is always a challenge. Knowing when and where safe investments can be found is a delicate process. There are many screeners available either free or for a small subscription fee. While they can be helpful, another simple technique can be even better in narrowing your selection process and may even offer insight as to when the markets may start to turn themselves. Markets…” Read More »


Improving Reward to Risk Ratio in the Forex Market

“Hello traders! Very recently I was teaching one of our introductory Market Timing Classes and the topic of the reward to risk ratio came up (as it always does!). In these classes, we get a broad spectrum of trading experience – from the absolute (potential) new trader who has never heard of a spread before…” Read More »


Who Are the Option Market Makers?

“The listed options market in its current form exists because some people are willing to make a business of being option dealers. The purpose of each option dealer, or market maker, is to make a two-sided market in the options of certain stocks. Making a two-sided market means that at all times the firm is…” Read More »


Are You OK with Your Trading Strategies?

“Those of you that have been trading for an extended period of time can attest to the fact that trading will test your patience , nerves, and frustration levels like nothing you’ve ever experienced . This is because the markets are always in motion, and this, in turn, leads to constant uncertainty . Since the human mind is…” Read More »

Real Estate

Student Housing – Invest Now to Get Ahead of the Next College Class

“I’m president of the school board in my community and at this time of year as I interact with our seniors the first question is, “Where are you going to college?” That reminded me about the opportunities for us as real estate investors to get into the student housing market. Two elements we look for…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

How Beliefs Can Help or Hurt Your Trading

“Consider a toddler, doing what they do, getting into everything and exploring. Suddenly, an explosive crash pierces the silence and mommy comes rushing from the kitchen yelling and screaming that baby is a very bad girl and shouts no, no, no causing baby to shudder with fright and shame, crying loudly. This takes place a…” Read More »