Lessons from the Pros

Apr 7, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Right in Front of Your Eyes

“One of the first things I tell new Online Trading Academy students when they ask for advice is to really open your eyes and pay attention. What I am suggesting is that they (you) pay attention to the reality of what is happening around you. Being aware of the simple things in life that most…” Read More »


That Figures – Using Point and Figure Charts to Stay in the Trend

“In a recent Online Trading Academy Mastermind Community Clubhouse session I was teaching some advanced stock charting techniques. A few of the students asked if I could revisit an old topic I had written about called Point and Figure charting. I had learned this trading chart technique as I was studying for my Chartered Market…” Read More »


Market Volatility: What Really Makes Markets Move?

“Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old trading friend who I have not seen in a while. Obviously, it didn’t take us very long to start talking about recent volatility in the global currency markets. Looking back over 2015 so far, the first quarter has seen plenty of action, but…” Read More »


Options – What Are the Right Questions to Ask?

“Whenever we contemplate a trading opportunity where we are considering using options there are three key questions we must answer: – First, with respect to the price of the underlying asset, do I believe that it is most likely to go up, down, or sideways; or do I expect a large movement but with unpredictable direction…” Read More »


Solving the Mystery of Treasury Futures’ Pricing

“Trading Futures requires one to understand something, when we (the speculators) are in the Futures markets trading we are actually just a guest. The hosts are the Commercial traders whom the Futures markets were originally created for. The Futures Exchange that the products trade on is simply an intermediary providing a central location for buyers…” Read More »

Real Estate

Top 5 Spring Home Projects to Create a Fresh Space

“The starting point of any project for me is always a list. So, here are 5 simple spring home projects that will help you to get the most bang for your buck whether you are renting, selling or even just staying put in your own home. 1) Deep Cleaning – I suggest you hire a…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Are You an Elite Trader? Insights on the Trading Process

“For those of you in the US that are college basketball fans, we’re in the final throes of March Madness. This is the time of year when the men’s and women’s NCAA national tournament pits 68 teams over a two and a half week schedule of to-the-rafters excitement and over-the-top emotions. It’s a rollercoaster ride…” Read More »