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Apr 28, 2015 Issue

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Proper Answers Begin with Proper Questions

“I received an email a while back with a question regarding my opinion of indicators and chart patterns. I began to reply to the email and then stopped. I thought, if this reader has this question perhaps others do as well. Given that many short term traders lose money and that most long term investors…” Read More »


Two of the Four Patterns of the Forex Market

“Hello traders! If you are a long time reader of our Lessons from the Pros newsletters, you should know by now that we believe you should sell in supply and buy in demand. All of our instructors talk about that! If you are a long term reader of my own newsletters, you should know that…” Read More »


Will that Demand Hold or Break?

“Many students email me wanting to know how to tell if a supply or demand zone is likely to hold or break. Understanding this is critical for trading, for if we buy or sell at the wrong time we give up the opportunity to make greater profits or worse, we lose money. In the Online…” Read More »


Options for Beginners – Part 1

“A few years ago I wrote a series of articles for people who are completely new to the idea of trading options. Options are a really interesting and potentially profitable instrument when used properly, and are certainly my favorite. Since this letter has new readers all the time I felt the time was right to…” Read More »

Real Estate

Hands off Millionaire – Want to Learn How?

“Did that get your attention? I knew that if I titled this article “How and why you should be a landlord,” no one would read it. So I decided to make my point in the title, that if you want to be a millionaire (and can’t wait to win a game show or the lottery)…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Trading in the NOW

“The trading psychology conversation has many major concepts; such as managing your internal state, self-awareness, becoming internally aligned, having a results orientation in your thinking and holding yourself accountable for all of your results. Another concept that I’d like to explore in this missive is the very important notion of being in and trading in…” Read More »

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