Lessons from the Pros

Mar 31, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Trade with the Trend

“We have all heard the phrase, “Trade with the trend, the trend is your friend.” While there is much truth to this statement, what specific rule based action do we take to make money from this simple concept? To dive into the important details and make sure that by the end of this article you…” Read More »


Ticked Off

“Students often ask me why I do not use volume as a technical indicator on my charts. I actually do use it but in a different manner. Volume is actually a lagging indicator and most people use it incorrectly. They falsely believe that they need to buy or sell to enter positions where the charts…” Read More »


Speeding Through the School Zone of Forex Trading

“Hello traders! This weeks’ newsletter will discuss the difference between support/resistance traders and supply and demand traders. In every Online Trading Academy class that I teach, be it a five day futures or forex class or a three day Market Timing class, I always bring up the fact that trading is similar to driving a…” Read More »


Iron Condors and Probability

“One of the more interesting option strategies is the Iron Condor. This one takes advantage of situations where we expect a stock to stay within a range for a while, and where its options are richly priced. The general idea is that we can sell options with strike prices outside the range where we expect…” Read More »


It’s All About Perception

“Have you ever bought the stock market because of good news only to see it stall and then fall sharply? Or, sold it in a panic as the market was dropping because of bad news that had just hit the tape only to see it strongly rebound? This scenario happens more often then everyone thinks…” Read More »

Real Estate

Third Party Sites for Real Estate Searches – Use Caution

“Last night I was at a meeting where the internet was used as an example of true innovation. There is no denying that fact. The issue that arises with the internet is that many of us think that everything on the internet is fact. Well, that’s not the case. If you have ever done research…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

It’s About What You Want “Most” in Your Trades

“If I asked you to list the things that you want, my bet would be that your list would cover a lot of ground. No doubt, in addition to the many items that would be good for you, if you’re anything like me there would be a number of items that might not be so…” Read More »