Lessons from the Pros

Mar 10, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Competitive Thinking Gives Traders an Edge

“Often, I write articles about the importance of having or owning a competitive edge. It is amazing to me that people in general focus very little on this most important topic. Most traders read trading books and learn to buy and sell where everyone else who reads the books buys and sells, which ensures you…” Read More »


Finding the Trend Change

“Newer traders are always looking for assistance in identifying the trend of a market or an individual stock. Anyone who has been involved in the markets knows that trading with the trend is much safer and more profitable than trading against it. So, how do you know when the trend is changing so you can…” Read More »


The Effects of Inconsistency: Part 2

“Two weeks ago, we explored together the outcomes of being inconsistent in our trading activities. I highlighted the stories of two of my students who I managed to touch base with in Philadelphia when I was teaching a class; and how their constant changing and adapting of their trade plan was holding them back from…” Read More »


Option Probabilities – Part 3

“In the last two articles, which you can read here and here, I discussed probability in general terms. Now let’s look into how it applies to option trading.
The reason that there is an option market at all, is that there is a way to calculate how much options should cost. Options in various form…” Read More »


Novice Gap in the 30 Year Bond Futures?

“If there was ever a good example of a novice in the markets it would be the Governments of all the different countries in the World. Recent examples are: the move by the Swiss Government blindsiding the markets with their currency decision, China putting a cap on their Currency making an unfair trade imbalance with…” Read More »

Real Estate

Properties with Homeowner Associations – What to Watch Out For

“A homeowner association (HOA) is usually a not-for-profit organization established by a community board which governs by a set of rules established by that HOA. These rules are CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions). The HOA determines the rules and the budget for the shared property. A homeowner association’s primary job is to establish the CC&Rs…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Don’t Allow Your Trading to Become Hijacked

“Trading is one of the most difficult endeavors on the planet and it’s not because it is rocket science. It is difficult because of the emotions that become activated as soon as the price action goes against you. In fact, some traders become anxious as soon as they open their platforms or as soon…” Read More »