Lessons from the Pros

Feb 24, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

Do What Wall Street Does, Not What They Tell You To Do

“Often my articles talk about myth vs. reality when it comes to trading, money and markets. Today, I want to discuss a bigger picture issue many people lose sleep over. The issue is the amount of savings needed to live the life style you choose to live today, tomorrow and into retirement. The professionals and…” Read More »


Don’t Chase!

“Whenever I happen to watch business television, I can’t help but notice how the pundits keep mentioning the stocks or other securities that have moved the most for the day or week. They seem to get more excited the higher prices have already moved. I have also noticed that most novice traders and investors seem…” Read More »


The Effects of Inconsistency

“This week I’ve been enjoying teaching the three Market Timing Class days; walking a new group of prospective students through the halls of Online Trading Academy. This has been an especially influential class due to the fact that at the same time we were running the Professional Options Traders class in the room next door…” Read More »


Ask Not For Whom the Bell Curves – Part 1

“More than most other trading instruments, put and call options represent a game of probabilities. They give us ways to have an edge by evaluating what outcomes are more likely to happen than others, and then positioning ourselves to profit if the more likely outcomes do happen. If we make more right trades than wrong…” Read More »


Your Next Margin Call Might Cost You

“There seems to be some changes for Futures traders coming soon. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the government agency that regulates the Futures industry, has written some new rules that will impact Futures Commission Merchants (FCM), where customer funds are deposited. These rules will in turn impact Futures traders and their trading accounts.
The…” Read More »

Real Estate

Real Estate – It’s all about the MONEY

“One of the biggest objections I hear from people about becoming a real estate investor is, “I don’t know where to get the money.” It’s easy for us as seasoned investors to say, “Don’t worry, if you have a good deal the money will come,” because we’ve experienced it, which has given us confidence. Our…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Persistence and Perseverance Are Crucial to Trading Successfully

“The definition of persistence is basically, never giving up. Perseverance is, going on despite hardships, opposition and setbacks. Some people do not allow obstacles, set-backs, opposition or hardships get in their way when they want something bad enough. Don Jackson is a black man who was dyslexic in the late forties and early fifties at…” Read More »