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Feb 17, 2015 Issue

Featured Article

You Have Been Brainwashed

“The world of market speculating is made up of everyone from the active day trader to the longer term investor speculating in all kinds of markets and asset classes. There are people all around the globe pushing buy and sell buttons each day in hopes of achieving income and wealth. Never in history have there…” Read More »


Are you Really Diversified?

“Most investors have been told to diversify their portfolio. They think if they buy companies that are in different industries that they will be covered if there is some adversity in the markets. The problem is that they do not fully understand the risks in the markets and how to offset those risks. To trade…” Read More »


What is Your Forex Trading Routine?

“Hello traders! Before we get to our regularly scheduled newsletter, I’d like start by thanking all of you who voted for Sam Evans and myself in this year’s FXStreet FX Best Awards 2015. We are honored and humbled to be both nominated and to have won this year’s Best Newsletter award. Believe it or not…” Read More »


Being Aggressive with Options – The Double Vertical Spread

“Once this trade was in place we would put in a stop-loss order to unwind it (close out all parts of it) if USO dropped below $16.81, which was the top of a demand zone representing the all-time lows made in January. Our loss at that price would be about $110.84, as shown in the…” Read More »


Looking in All The Wrong Places

“When I travel around the country meeting prospective students of Online Trading Academy, one thing that always strikes me is the vast misconceptions people have about the markets and what profitable trading entails. First, let me say that it is not their fault. I, like everyone else, used to have the same misguided thoughts about…” Read More »

Real Estate

What does a Rental Property Look Like?

“Any kind of real estate can be a rental property (providing there aren’t any rules restricting it). I get asked all the time if a Single Family or Condo can be a good rental. My answer: “What do the numbers tell you?” Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of owning either a SFR or…” Read More »

Specialty Skills

Vulnerability Can Greatly Help Your Trading

“It sounds like a contradiction, but becoming vulnerable, that is, exploring and admitting that you have a soft underbelly (your issues, problems and setbacks) in your trading goes a long way toward addressing them and becoming a consistently successful trader. In fact, unless and until you are able to unabashedly peer into your inner self…” Read More »

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